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FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Wants to Erase His Infamous Voice Cracking Performance Forever

Pained every time he sees the performance, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi explains the situation behind his infamous voice cracking performance from an award ceremony.

On May 22, Lee Hong Gi appeared as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star where he chose MC the Max’s Goodbye for Now as the song he wants to play for a past memory.

Lee Hong Gi explained that in 2008, he woke up with a high fever after performing at concerts for three days straight, but due to schedules, he needed to attend an award ceremony to perform a song he wasn’t aware of due to the busyness of the concerts.

“Our manager said, Hong Gi is sick, and asked if we could perform with an AR (All Recorded), but the broadcast staff said no. It must be live,” said Lee Hong Gi. “I went to the hospital, but I wasn’t getting better. So, in the end, I went up on stage, and [my voice] wouldn’t work.”

He added, “Because it wouldn’t work, I was offbeat, flat, off-tune – I was going crazy. It was so hard”

The performance became viral upon broadcast, and Lee Hong Gi said that no matter how old it is, the broadcast stations usually find it and air it.

Lee Hong Gi also said that a lot of the senior singers at the ceremony comforted him.

“The Super Junior members were one of the first to do so,” said Lee Hong Gi. “Kang In hyung said this: ‘Hong Gi, are you feeling better? You were the best on that stage yesterday.’ Those words were really comforting.”

Lee Hong Ki Goes through Rough Time in “Radio Star” from Being Compared to Jung Yong Hwa

On the most recent episode of “Radio Star,” FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki especially went through a tough time due to being compared with CN Blue‘s Jung Yong Hwa throughout the show.

It started when the “Radio Star” MCs asked, “They call you ‘Jung Yong Hwa’s Shadow.’ How do you feel about that?” Lee Hong Ki answered, “I don’t know why my image became like that all of a sudden.”

He continued, “I don’t think that way. If it wasn’t for me, CN Blue wouldn’t have been created,” which made everyone laugh. Then MC Yoon Jong Shin added, “Yes but right now, CN Blue is way more popular,” which put Lee Hong Ki on the spot. Lee Hong Ki finally said, “In the end, we will not lose to CN Blue!” which made the whole studio laugh.

During the episode, Lee Hong Ki also added, “Both CN Blue and FT Island are working very hard but people keep comparing us, which makes me really mad. Then it becomes awkward for me.”

He said, “It’s a trauma. When CN Blue does what I want to do and does it really well, I get challenged and start to work even harder.”

To add to that, actress Baek Jin Hee admitted that Jung Yong Hwa is closer to her ideal type than Lee Hong Ki.

At first, Baek Jin Hee commented, “Lee Hong Ki treats me too carelessly.” Then Lee Hong Ki said, “It’s because we are the same age. When Baek Jin Hee plays a prank on me, I play one right back at her.”

At the sight of their give and take, the MCs asked, “What do you think of Lee Hong Ki as a man?”

Baek Jin Hee answered, “Normally, he is like a child but when it comes to work, he is very clear about his opinions and becomes very serious. When he gets like that, he seems like a man.”

Then Kyuhyun asked, “What do you think of Jung Yong Hwa? Between Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa, which style do you like better?” To that, Lee Hong Ki blurted, “Why do you keep bundling me with Jung Yong Hwa?” and Baek Jin Hee answered, “Jung Yong Hwa is my style,” which made the whole studio laugh.

Hongki discusses his thoughts on comparisons between F.T. Island and labelmate CNBLUE

It's no secret that F.T. Island get compared to their labelmates CNBLUE, and Hongki finally came out to reveal his frustration about it.

On the May 22nd broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star', the MCs jokingly poked fun at the rivalry between the two groups a few times throughout the show. Kyuhyun said "Does it bother you that I'm good friends with CNBLUE?" and Yoon Jong Shin added, "Does CNBLUE get on your nerves?"

Hongki responded, "Oh no. You know, I don't concern myself too much with what CNBLUE is doing. We are doing our own things separately, and it's all fine, but people keep bringing it up and that's what makes it awkward! Sometimes they'll get to do something, and it's good because it just serves to motivate us to work hard as well."

The MCs then took a stab at their maknae Kyuhyun, saying, "Super Junior are also very wary of SHINee," teasing him about the rivalry between the SM Entertainment labelmates. Kyuhyun joked, "Ah, I hope SHINee will turn out well," like the sunbae that he is, and the MCs commented, "Actually SHINee is worried about you," bringing laughter with the banter.

Later in the show, Hongki was once again asked to elaborate when the MCs asked, "Although F.T. Island is the one that paved the way, it seems like CNBLUE has become quite big, and your agency seems to cater to them more these days. Do you feel any discontentment about that?"

Hongki honestly answered, "There was one incident recently.We have managers, road managers, all the way up to executives, who all differ in rank. Usually when a group travels overseas for a promotion, almost everyone goes. However, we had a concert in China, and only two road managers came with us. CNBLUE had a concert in Singapore around the same time, and the president as well the vice president went there. I did feel upset and called up our boss right away, and he explained that it was because for our event, they contracted an overseas company who was in charge of taking care of us while we were there. But he did give me an apology."

The topic then turned to whether Hongki had revealed that CNBLUE's Jonghyun received cosmetic surgery on his ear on purpose to get back at the "rival" band, and the idol denied that was the case and even sent a video message to Jonghyun and Jonghyun's father, apologizing about the ear incident. However, the MCs then commented, "Oh, now through this broadcast, even more people will know about it," and Hongki gasped at the revelation, closing the topic with laughter.

Hongki featured as guests with his co-stars from the new film 'Passionate Goodbye', Lim Won Hee, Baek Jin Hee, and Shim Yi Young.

What do you think of this labelmate rivalry?

Lee Hong Ki Explains Rumors of Being Rude to Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki recently addressed rumors involving his supposed bad attitude.

On May 22, Lee Hong Ki was one of the guests on MBC’s “Radio Star” where he opened up about a particular rumor involving Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun helped him out by saying, “When I got into the car accident in 2007, I was in really bad shape physically and there was a rumor that Lee Hong Ki made me fall down and didn’t even help me up and just left. But no such thing ever happened.”

Lee Hong Ki stated, “I was a rookie back then,” emphasizing that the rumor is ludicrous. Kyuhyun contributed, “I am his senior and his hyung,” but then added, “But Lee Hong Ki was much more famous than me,” which made everyone laugh.

Lee Hong Ki also said, “The Super Junior members were all like emcee-ing in shows and stuff. But actually, I didn’t really see Kyuhyun hyung back then,” in a joking manner.

He mentioned that there were many different rumors about him in the past.

Meanwhile, during this same episode, the “Radio Star” MCs playfully teased Kyuhyun and gave him pressure about the fact that Heechul will be discharged from military service soon and might take over his MC spot in the show.

credit: Soompi , , Allkpop, Mwave/Enewsworld


I thought they were too much, yes, it's a variety talk show, i know. If they poked fun of him, i think once of that comparison is enough & move on, as he has his own band & they were there promoting the movie. And he isn't a shadow of anyone. NEVER will be. I salute him for answering them with his honest feeling (as he always is) and coolness. -Min


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